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2008 Expedition to the Bahamas

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 18:12 -- Fabrice Berrue
Our 2008 Collection Trip to the Bahamas
In August, we visited the Gerace Research Centre located on San Salvador in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.  This was a highly successful trip with samples collected from a variety of habitats including reefs, caves and marine lakes.  Samples are now being processed for our drug discovery program and microbiological studies. 
An aereal view of the airport on San Salvador - one of our dive sites is directly off shore from the runway.   
The Gerace cafeteria. 
Our dive boat for the week.
Dovi, Veronica, Fabrice, Doug and Russ
Stacey collecting
Off on the search...
Stacey meets a very friendly grouper known by the locals as Sponge Bob!
A specimen of Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae in the ziploc bag ready for micro work back at the lab.
Collecting a gorgonian for microbiological work. 
Brad and Fabrice collecting Erythropodium.
Brad - off to the lab.
Veronica and Brad processing samples for microbiological work.
 Fabrice examining a gorgonian.